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Not as Interesting in Knowing

Both budding and elite athletes aren't as interested in learning their genetic risk of experiencing the worst effects after getting a concussion as some companies had hoped, Stat News reports.

Companies like Athleticode and AIBioTech were offering tests that examined athletes' apolipoprotein E genes. While the ε4 allele of APOE has been linked to Alzheimer's disease risk, some research suggests it might also affect how people rebound from brain injuries, including concussion.

But, according to Stat News, some athletes haven't pursued testing because of privacy concerns, while others haven't because they wouldn't change their behavior based on the results or didn't want to learn their Alzheimer's disease risk. At the same time, parents aren't seeking testing for their kids prior to choosing what sports to play.

Athleticode, it adds, has gone out of business, AIBioTech stopped selling its concussion-risk test, and Simplified Genetics switched from a direct-to-consumer model to a clinician-based one.

"It's potentially a great test, but not quite ready for prime time," Eric Warren, a sports medicine doctor who used to offer testing, but has since stopped, tells Stat News.