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No, Think Not

A survey conducted by venture capital firm Rock Health has found that the US public doesn't trust tech companies with its health information, Technology Review reports.

Rock Health, which focuses on startups in the digital health space, asked some 4,017 people, about their adoption, use, and plans to use digital health services like online health information, wearable health trackers, telemedicine services, and genetic services, and more.

As Antonio Regalado reports at Tech Review, only 8 percent of respondents said they would share medical records and lab results with technology companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Samsung. Many more would share such personal data with a research institution — 36 percent — or their own physician — 86 percent. Survey-takers gave similar responses when asked with whom they'd share their genetic information.

This, Regalado notes, is a sticking point for health-related tech companies that need such data to develop their products. But some like Google and Apple are entering into partnerships with hospitals and research institutions.

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