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MeTooSTEM Resignations

Multiple members of the MeTooSTEM organization have resigned over concerns about its leadership, BuzzFeed News reports.

It notes that the group formed after a number of instances of sexual harassment in the sciences came to light, including ones involving Inder Verma and Lawrence Krauss. The leader of MeTooSTEM, BethAnn McLaughlin, has pushed for the National Academy of Sciences to be able to eject members found to have committed sexual harassment as well as enjoined the National Institutes of Health to withhold funding from harassers, it says.

BuzzFeed News adds, though, that McLaughlin has alienated members of her group and others. It reports that members of the MeTooSTEM team have resigned, citing concerns about the organization's finances and structure as well as McLaughlin's confrontational approach.

"There have been several instances where supporters of MeTooSTEM have been upset by the tenor of your tweets, up to and including blocking you or being blocked by you," Michigan State University's Julie Libarkin and Cornell University's Tisha Bohr wrote in their November resignation email, according to BuzzFeed News. "Some of them, victims themselves, have reached out to us for clarification and support ... putting us in an impossible position of trying to support victims as well as you and the movement."