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Twist Bioscience is betting that it can synthesize DNA for use in synthetic biology applications faster and cheaper than other methods, Wired reports.

Twist CEO Emily Leproust, formerly of Agilent, shows Wired's Sarah Zhang the company's silicon wafer and compares it to the ubiquitous 96-well plastic plate. As Zhang notes, one 96-well plate can be used to make one gene, but Twist says its silicon wafer, if it were the size of the plate, could make 10,000 genes.

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In an against-all-odds twist, a researcher studying exceeding rare FOXG1 mutations discovers her daughter has the syndrome.

An effort by Genomics Medicine Ireland is creating a database of diseases based on the genomics of people in Ireland. It now is looking into the possibility of including Scotland in its work.

In recent weeks, the direct-to-consumer genetics firm has rolled out a health hub where customers can share information concerning 18 common health conditions.

In PLOS this week, new genes associated with prostate cancer risk, genetic patterns in M. bovis, and more.