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Intelligence Warning on Bioeconomy Threats

US intelligence officials warn that Chinese firms are collecting genetic data from people across the world to build a large biological database, the New York Times reports.

According to the Times, officials from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center are in a new report calling on US companies in sectors associated with the bioeconomy to better safeguard key technologies. Michael Orlando, the acting director of the counterintelligence center, tells it that countries like China and Russia having been trying to obtain US technology and intellectual property.

The Times adds that China in particular is focused on genetics and biotechnology. It adds that Edward You, the national counterintelligence officer for emerging and disruptive technologies, further cited a recent Reuters report that said the Chinese firm BGI developed its prenatal genetic test in collaboration with the Chinese military and that it was collected genetic data from people around the world. BGI in a statement after the Reuters report appeared disputed some of its assertations and said developed its prenatal genetic test by itself and said data collected from women outside China was not stored in China.

"We aren't telling people to decouple, but if you are going to do business in China, be smart about it," Orlando tells the Times.

The Scan

Nucleotide Base Detected on Near-Earth Asteroid

Among other intriguing compounds, researchers find the nucleotide uracil, a component of RNA sequences, in samples collected from the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu, as they report in Nature Communications.

Clinical Trial Participants, Investigators Point to Importance of Clinical Trial Results Reporting in Canadian Study

Public reporting on clinical trial results is crucial, according to qualitative interviews with clinical trial participants, investigators, and organizers from three provinces appearing in BMJ Open.

Old Order Amish Analysis Highlights Autozygosity, Potential Ties to Blood Measures

Researchers in BMC Genomics see larger and more frequent runs-of-homozygosity in Old Order Amish participants, though only regional autozygosity coincided with two blood-based measures.

Suicidal Ideation-Linked Loci Identified Using Million Veteran Program Data

Researchers in PLOS Genetics identify risk variants within and across ancestry groups with a genome-wide association study involving veterans with or without a history of suicidal ideation.