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ICE Expands DNA Testing Sites

Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the US has expanded its DNA testing to seven sites along the southern border, CNN reports.

The Department of Homeland Security began a pilot program in May using cheek swabs and rapid DNA testing to uncover migrant adults who were traveling with unrelated children. It argued that there was in increase in such groups crossing the border to take advantage of a policy that prevents minors from being held for more than 20 days, leading to their release. Later that month, The Hill reported that the department would be expanding these testing sites

CNN reports that ICE has now expanded its testing and that the agency says that of the 102 family DNA tests it conducted last week, most tests, 85 of them, confirmed a familial relation, while 17 tests did not and 16 of those were referred for prosecution.

The American Prospect wrote in May that familial testing could still lead to separation of family members, as some children could be traveling with siblings or grandparents, rather than mothers or fathers.