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Googling About that Rash

If you've been searching on Google to find out more about your weird, itchy rash that's been bothering your significant other, you may have noticed something different showing up in your results. 

That's because the tech giant has quietly introduced "high-quality medical data" to its search engine results, The Verge reports. Now, anyone Googling terms such as flu or Ebola will see information along the right side of the results page, including symptoms and treatments. 

The Verge says that the audience for the new feature is massive as one in every 20 Google searches is health-related. A Google product manager tells the publication that the company worked with medical doctors to "carefully compile, curate, and review" the information that appears in search results. 

"All of the gathered facts represent real-life clinical knowledge from these doctors and high-quality medical sources across the web, and the information has been checked by medical doctors at Google and the Mayo Clinic for accuracy," Prem Ramaswam says. 

Don't forego seeing a doctor, though, based on what your Google search tells you, as it is not intended to be medical advice. Rather, the feature is meant to be a starting point to get more information.