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Genotype for Quitting

Smokers with a certain polymorphism may have harder time quitting than others, Zhejiang University School of Medicine researchers say.

A number of previous — and controversial — studies have linked DRD2 gene variants to smoking behaviors, and one reported a higher prevalence of the Taq1A A1 allele among current and former smokers than among nonsmokers.

The Zhejiang team performed a stratified meta-analysis drawing on 11,151 current and former smokers to examine the influence of the Taq1A polymorphism on smoking cessation, as it reports in Translational Psychiatry this week. From this, they found that smokers with the A2/A2 genotype have a higher likelihood of quitting than those with A1/A1 or A1/A2 genotypes.

The A2/A2 genotype, the Los Angeles Times notes, was the most common one among Caucasians in the analysis, as 62.5 percent of them had that genotype while only 39.1 percent of Asians did.

"Our results provide supportive evidence for further investigation of personalized medicine for smoking cessation according to individual genotypes," the Zhejiang team says in their paper.

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