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Gathering the Data

IBM is teaming up with Apple, Johnson & Johnson, and Medtronic to develop a health platform for its Watson supercomputer, New Scientist reports. IBM is also acquiring Explorys and Phytel to further bolster its store of clinical information, the Wall Street Journal adds.

Watson, known for its Jeopardy! game show appearance, has also been put to work recently combing through genomic data to devise personalized cancer therapies and to model cardiac arrest.

This new effort, called Watson Health, aims to develop a cloud-based database of anonymous heath data, New Scientist says.

The partners will all contribute anonymous information to the database from consenting patients. Apple will be providing fitness, nutrition, and other information uploaded to apps running on iPhones and iPads, while Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic will supply data from devices monitoring people with diabetes and patients recovering from surgery, the Journal reports.

All this data, the Journal adds, could then be translated into personalized healthcare that leads to better outcomes and lower costs. The partners also plan to develop new apps for both patients and physicians.

"The healthcare system is highly fragmented with very little sharing of information, and outcomes are not acceptable and the cost is completely unacceptable," John Kelly, a senior vice president at IBM, tells the Journal. "As we see healthcare becoming more information-based, we see a role for IBM to step in."


The Scan

Machine Learning Helps ID Molecular Mechanisms of Pancreatic Islet Beta Cell Subtypes in Type 2 Diabetes

The approach helps overcome limitations of previous studies that had investigated the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic islet beta cells, the authors write in their Nature Genetics paper.

Culture-Based Methods, Shotgun Sequencing Reveal Transmission of Bifidobacterium Strains From Mothers to Infants

In a Nature Communications study, culture-based approaches along with shotgun sequencing give a better picture of the microbial strains transmitted from mothers to infants.

Microbial Communities Can Help Trees Adapt to Changing Climates

Tree seedlings that were inoculated with microbes from dry, warm, or cold sites could better survive drought, heat, and cold stress, according to a study in Science.

A Combination of Genetics and Environment Causes Cleft Lip

In a study published in Nature Communications, researchers investigate what combination of genetic and environmental factors come into play to cause cleft lip/palate.