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Funding Lost

Nazneen Rahman, a cancer researcher who has said she would step down from her post at Institute of Cancer Research following bullying allegations, has also lost millions in grant money, the Guardian reports.

Forty-five individuals, both current and former colleagues, accused Rahman of bullying, it adds, saying that she announced she would resign from her post as head of genetics and epidemiology. That announcement, the Guardian notes, comes after an independent investigation into the allegations, but before any disciplinary action.

The Wellcome Trust enacted anti-bullying and harassment policies earlier this year. At the time it said it might sanction researchers who have been found to have bullied or harassed others separately from what the individual's institution does.

According to the Guardian, it's under those that Rahman has lost her funding. The Wellcome Trust tells the Guardian that the summary of the investigation that it saw gave "considerable cause for concern" and that it would be terminating or transferring whatever remains of the £7.5 million ($9.5 million) in funding it awarded Rahman. It also barred her from seeking additional funding for two years.