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Former Employees Raise Testing Issues

This post has been updated to include a link to a response from Orig3n regarding the Bloomberg Businessweek article.

Former employees at consumer genetic testing firm Orig3n tell Bloomberg Businessweek that the company's testing was prone to errors that they allege the firm did not properly address. The former employees tell it, for instance, that sometimes results from two of its tests, which examined some of the same genes, didn't match, but that the company's software would use the earlier of the results. The former employees also say advice provided to customers was not personalized, but general advice such as to wear sunscreen.

Orig3n, however, says these are disgruntled former employees whose accounts are "grossly inaccurate," according to Bloomberg Businessweek. "In some cases, former employees are former employees for a reason," CEO Robin Smith tells it. The firm has posted a longer response to the article, here.

Bloomberg Businessweek notes that the firm has had sample issues in the past. In 2018, NBC Chicago sent samples from a reporter's dog to multiple consumer genetic testing firms and while most found the Labrador's samples to be unreadable, Orig3n did provide a report on the dog. But, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, Orig3n has changed its testing and quality control methods since then.