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Fertility Genetics

With its new Fertilome service, Celmatix hopes to provide women with genetic insight into their fertility. As GenomeWeb has reported, the test examines patients' DNA for 49 variants linked to conditions that affect reproductive health like endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome. The test is $1,900 out of pocket, GenomeWeb adds.

While age and other factors like hormone levels are typically examined in cases of infertility, Business Insider notes that they don't always provide the full picture. According to Celmatix, their Fertilome test could help patients understand why they are having trouble conceiving or provide information to women considering freezing their eggs. Based on their test results, patients might opt to go through another in vitro fertilization round or freeze extra eggs.

Business Insider adds that Celmatix plans to fold the test and its results into its electronic health record platform Polaris. That way, it could account for age, hormone levels, as well as genetic risk factors, it says. The company also plans to expand its testing to include risk factors for other pregnancy-related conditions like preeclampsia.