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Fertility Fraud Found

Consumer genetic tests are uncovering instances of fertility fraud from decades back that are sparking lawsuits, USA Today writes.

For instance, it reports that a 23andMe test taken by Roberta Voss revealed that her mother's fertility doctor was her biological father. This, it notes, prompted a federal lawsuit against the doctor, Martin Greenberg. "I am angry that I was violated in this manner," the mother, Bianca Voss, said during an online news conference about the lawsuit, according to USA Today. "How could I have picked such a criminal and immoral physician who would do such a thing to me?"

It notes that nearly a dozen other physicians have also been suspected of similar semen-swapping, including Cecil Jacobson, who was found to be the biological father of 17 children and was found guilty of 52 counts of fraud and perjury in the 1990s, and Donald Cline, who was found to be the biological father of more than 60 children.

As USA Today notes, many of the children, now adults, are grappling with what this means about them and why the fertility doctors did what they did, adding that many of the accused have given unsatisfying answers.