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To Fall Between Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day

A US lawmaker has introduced a resolution to recognize Charles Darwin's birthday February 12thas Darwin Day, the Huffington Post reports.

Representative Jim Himes (D-Conn.), who put forth the resolution alongside 11 other House Democrats, argues that Darwin should be recognized for his contributions to how people view the natural world.

"His insatiable quest for knowledge and decades of meticulous observation and analysis opened new pathways for advancements in biology, medicine, genetics and ecology," Himes said in a statement. "Without Darwin's contributions to science, philosophy and reason, our understanding of the world's complexity and grandeur would be significantly diminished."

This is the fourth attempt to pass a Darwin Day resolution and is, the Huffington Post notes, "a largely symbolic effort in the GOP-controlled House."

The Scan

UK Funds to Stay Ahead of Variants

The UK has announced a further £29.3 million to stay on top of SARS-CoV-2 variants, the Guardian reports.

Push for Access

In a letter, researchers in India seek easier access to COVID-19 data, Science reports.

Not as Cold

Late-stage trial results are expected soon for an RNA-based vaccine that could help meet global demand as it does not require very cold storage, the New York Times writes.

Genome Research Papers on Microbes' Effects on Host Transfer RNA, Honeybee Evolution, Single-Cell Histones

In Genome Research this week: influence of microbes on transfer RNA patterns, evolutionary relationships of honeybees, and more.