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Exciting Time for Medicine, Collins Says

Sequencing the human genome has begun to transform medicine, Francis Collins, the director of the US National Institutes of Health, tells David Rubenstein at Bloomberg.

Collins notes that when the human genome was first sequenced that there was a lot of chatter that medicine would change almost instantly. But he tells Rubenstein that with the genome's complexity, to took a bit more time.

It's now, though, starting to live up to some of that promise, Collins says. In particular, he says it’s become a game-changer in cancer. By finding out just what genes are mutated within a person's tumor, clinicians can now recommend certain treatment approaches.

In another clip, Collins tells Rubenstein that medical research offers a number of opportunities to people starting off in their careers. "We are making progress at a pace now that would be unimaginable a few decades ago and that's going to continue," he says.