A group of researchers thinks that gene drives could be used to eliminate Zika virus-spreading mosquitoes, Stat News reports.

The University of California, Irvine's Anthony James and his colleagues want to develop a gene drive that would spread an undesirable trait through Aedes aegypti mosquito populations in South and Central America as well as in the Caribbean, decimating them.

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In a survey, about half of Canadian government scientists say they still feel as though they cannot speak freely, ScienceInsider reports.

Clinicians in China are moving ahead with a number of CRISPR trials, NPR reports, as the US embarks on its first.

The Atlantic reports that biohacker Josiah Zayner regrets injecting himself with the CRISPR gene-editing tool on stage.

In Nature this week: genomic approaches applied to study Neolithic and Bronze Age Europeans, and more.