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DNA Results, Right on TV

It's been seen rumbling on the streets of New York, but the Who's Your Daddy mobile DNA testing truck will soon also be found on TV, the New York Daily News reports.

Jared Rosenthal, the owner of the mobile testing company, and his assistant Ana Lopez are to be the stars of a new VH1 reality television show called 'Swab Stories.' According to VH1, the show will follow Rosenthal and Lopez around New York and on out-of-state road trips as they collect samples and deliver testing results to clients. They've had clients wondering their birth mothers, sperm donor fathers, and potential siblings.

The show won't be, Rosenthal tells the Daily News, 'Maury,' the tabloid talk show, on wheels. "These tests hold the answers that are life changing and powerful. There's none of that dancing around like you see on 'Maury,'" he says.

He also tells the Daily News that he hopes it will also show viewers that people from all sort of walks of life turn to DNA tests. "When you scratch beneath the service, so many people have a situation in their lives of a relationship that's not known," he says. "It cuts across neighborhoods and ethnicities and socio-economic status."