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CRISPR Investments

The Motley Fool has a guide up for investors wanting to get in on the gene editing buzz.

It notes that there are three main types of gene editing, but says people find CRISPR to be the most promising approach to emerge. It also points out that there are many ways in which gene editing could be applied, from in vivo in humans to treat diseases like cystic fibrosis to agriculture to make horn-less dairy cows. It cautions, though, that there are some controversial applications of gene editing, including germline editing of people.

In addition to those, the Motley Fool says there are unexpected ways that gene editing could be used, such as to develop pigs whose organs are better suited for transplantation to humans or to make Tasmanian devils resistant to the cancer that's decimating its numbers.

However, it notes that there are risks to investing in gene editing as there have been concerns over off-target effects and as drug development itself can be risky and difficult, as is getting payor coverage.