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Other state or federal lawmakers should follow Florida's lead to provide additional protections against genetic discrimination, the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes.

Earlier this month, a new law went into effect in Florida that prohibits life, long-term care, and disability insurers from using genetic information in coverage decisions. This law goes beyond the protections conferred by the federal Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, which bars health insurance companies from using genetic information in coverage decisions, as well as employers in hiring or firing decisions.

In the editorial, the Post-Gazette argues the Florida protections should be picked up by other states, or even Congress. "A person's genetic makeup can offer clues about what conditions he or she may develop, but it is not a guarantee," the board writes. "And insurers should not be allowed to make discriminatory decisions based on this information."

Until then, it further cautions that consumers in other parts of the US should be "wary of commercial DNA testing."

"The gimmick may seem neat, but the risks of what a company could do with your genetic information — including sharing it with others — far outweigh the benefits," the Post-Gazette adds.