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Biohacker Gets Letter

Biohacker Josiah Zayner has been accused of practicing medicine without a license, Technology Review reports.

In a 2017 stunt, Zayner injected himself on stage with the CRISPR-Cas9 machinery targeting to the myostatin gene to end the argument over whether or not people should perform gene editing on themselves. "It's too late: I already made the choice for you," he said at the time, according to Fast Company. Zayner later expressed remorse at doing so.

Tech Review reports that Zayner is now under investigation by the California Department of Consumer Affairs for practicing medicine without a license. Tech Review notes that anyone can lodge a complaint with the agency, but it adds that follow-up investigation may mean it found the accusation credible.

On his Instagram page where he posted the letter he received from the state, Zayner professes his innocence. "I have never given anyone anything to inject or use, never sold any material meant to treat a disease and never claim to provide treatments or cures because I knew this day would come," he writes.