Another Go Round

Using genome sequencing, a public team health team says the source of the resurgence of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia may be a survivor of the earlier outbreak, the New York Times reports.

Researchers analyzed viral genomes from a victim of the Liberia resurgence and found that it was more similar to the viruses that had been circulating there previously than to viruses on the ongoing outbreaks neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone.

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360Dx reports that the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services would cover next-generation sequencing-based cancer panel tests.

The Washington Post reports that a meteorologist is being considered as presidential science and technology advisor.

In PNAS this week: precision medicine strategy to screen for disease risk, genome evolution in Haemophilus influenzae, and more.

Researchers have developed a PCR-based assay to gauge whether manatees are present in waters.