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And Now, MedRxiv

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Yale University, and BMJ announced this week that they would be launching a preprint server to house medical and health science manuscripts.

The server, called medRxiv, was to begin accepting manuscript yesterday and is to be overseen by the three organizations. It is also to be guided by an international advisory board and will accept manuscripts from researchers across the globe. Papers hosted there will undergo screening for plagiarism, ethical lapses, and any danger to public health prior to posting and, when posted, will receive a DOI number and will be indexed and citable. The server is to formally launch later this month.

"MedRxiv aims to do for authors engaged in clinical research what bioRxiv and arXiv have been doing for biology and physics, respectively, for many years," Yale's Harlan Krumholz, a co-founder of medRxiv, says in a statement. "Given the special requirements of preprints in medical and health fields, medRxiv will also provide new processes to help ensure that we are mitigating any risks of early dissemination while promoting the value of faster communication among the scientific community."

CSHL launched bioRxiv in 2013 as a preprint server for the life sciences, which it modeled after arXiv, the repository established in 1991 for physics and related fields that is maintained by Cornell University.