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Alphabet's 'Other Bets'

Alphabet, Google's holding company, is now the most valuable company in the world, pushing out Apple, The Verge reports. After Alphabet posted its most recent quarterly earnings, trading pushed it to a $570 billion market cap, compared to Apple's $539 billion, though CNBC notes that continued trading could change the situation.

This earnings report, Technology Review adds, was the first time Google's results were broken out separately from Alphabet's other subsidiaries. These "other bets" showed a loss of $3.6 billion for 2015, an 80 increase from 2014's $1.9 billion in losses. Google itself, though, showed a profit of some $7 billion

These other projects include X, Nest, Fiber, Calico, and Verily. The broadband company Fiber is one of the most expensive of these ventures, making most of the $836 million in capital expenditures by the "other bets" companies, Tech Review says.

However, it notes that Fiber, the Internet-connected home appliance company Nest, and the healthcare company Verily are coming close to being self-supporting.

Ruth Porat, Alphabet's chief financial officer, highlighted Verily's partnerships with biotech firms as how some of these "other bets" can bring in revenue. Verily has collaborations in place with Dexcom and Johnson & Johnson, Tech Review adds.