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Abilities of Water?

It's not just dogs that may have increased athletic abilities according to direct-to-consumer genetic testing, but plain tap water may also give back results, according to a post at The DNA Exchange.

Last month, a reporter at NBC Chicago found that when he sent samples from himself and his Labrador retriever, Bailey, for genetic testing, most companies could tell something was off with Bailey's sample and said they weren't readable, but one company, Orig3n, provided a report on Bailey that said she'd likely be good at certain types of sports like boxing or distance running.

This might not be a one-off, according to Katie Stoll at The DNA Exchange. In a post there, Stoll, a genetic counselor, reports that she, too, send a DNA sample from her dog, Ginger, for analysis by Orig3n on its Child Development test. Ginger, it seems, has fairly average intellectual and athletic potential for a child.

But Stoll also went a step further and sent in a blank sample of tap water. That water sample, she says, also came back with genetic variant results. But, a key difference between Ginger's results and the water's results is that the water's report was signed off on by the laboratory director.

This highly concerned Stoll as this test is aimed at parents for their children. "[A] boarded geneticist signed out a report on a genetic test promising to predict the athletic and learning abilities of a child, from a sample of tap water," she wrote.

This post has been updated to clarify the name of the NBC reporter's dog.