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23andMe And Pain

Genetic testing company 23andMe has launched an at-home-research project intended to find genetic variants that may be linked to pain and may affect how pain medications work, according to MIT's Technology Review.

Although the company is known for asking customers to fill out surveys about their health history and lifestyles, this is the first time it has also asked customers to conduct experiments at home and report the results. About 85 percent of 23andMe's 2 million customers have consented to the company using their genetic data in research studies, but this study will require a separate consent form, Technology Review says.

Carrie Northover, director of research services for 23andMe, tells Technology Review that the goal is to "understand genetic factors associated with experiencing pain and response to medications that help alleviate pain." Northover also says the company plan to enroll 20,000 Americans to take the two pain surveys and hopes to get 10,000 of them to complete at-home experimentation.