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USPTO Publishes Two RNAi-Related Patent Applications: Mar 16, 2006


Title: Cell Specific Gene Silencing using Cell-Specific Promoters In Vitro and In Vivo

Number: 20060052327

Filed: Sept. 7, 2005

Lead Inventor: Lin Liu, Oklahoma State University

According to the patent application's abstract, the invention comprises "Cell-specific methods for silencing genes using double-strand inhibitory RNA (iRNA), [as well] as … constructs for carrying out the methods."

Title: Compositions for the Delivery of Therapeutic Agents and Uses Thereof

Number: 20060051405

Filed: July 19, 2005

Lead Inventor: Ian Maclachlan, Protiva Biotherapeutics

The invention "provides drug delivery vehicles comprising polyethylene-lipid conjugates (PEG-lipid), wherein the circulation lifetime and biodistribution of the drug delivery vehicles are regulated by the PEG-lipid," the patent application's abstract states. "More particularly, the present invention provides liposomes, SNALP and SPLP comprising such PEG-lipid conjugates, and methods of using such compositions to selectively target a tumor site or other tissue of interest (e.g., liver, lung, spleen, etc.)."