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USPTO Publishes Two RNAi-Related Patent Applications: Jul 13, 2006


Title: RNA Interference-Mediated Inhibition of Histone Deacetylase Gene Expression Using Short Interfering Nucleic Acid

Number: 20060148743

Filed: Sept. 1, 2005

Lead Inventor: Vasant Jadhav, Sirna Therapeutics

"This invention relates to compounds, compositions, and methods useful for modulating histone deacetylase gene expression using short-interfering nucleic acid molecules," the patent application's abstract states. "In particular, the instant invention features small nucleic acid molecules … used to modulate the expression of HDAC genes, such as HDAC genes associated with the maintenance or development of diseases, disorders, traits, and conditions in a subject or organism such as cancer, proliferative disease, and age-related disease."

Title: Polynucleotide Delivery to Cardiac Tissue

Number: 20060148742

Filed: Aug. 25, 2005

Lead Inventor: David Martin Kay, Baker Heart Research Institute

The patent application, its abstract states, cover "a method for delivering a polynucleotide to cardiac tissue, including substantially isolating the coronary venous circulation from systemic circulation, and introducing a polynucleotide into the isolated coronary venous circulation to effect localized transfection of cardiac tissue. The polynucleotide advantageously produces a therapeutic effect, such as increasing or decreasing the expression level of a protein in the cardiac tissue."