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USPTO Publishes One Patent, Three Patent Applications Related to RNAi: Apr 5, 2007

Title: Potent Inhibition of Influenza Virus by Specifically Designed Short Interfering RNA
Number: 7,199,109
Filed: June 2, 2006
Lead Inventor: Bijay Pal, California State Polytechnic University
According to the patent’s abstract, the invention covers “siRNA sequences against the constant region of the influenza virus nucleoprotein gene. … The invention further includes one or more of said siRNA sequences in the form of an aqueous suspension suitable for nasal inhalation. Still further, the invention includes one or more of said siRNA sequences in the form of a plasmid expressing intracellularly in animals including humans,” the abstract notes. “In another aspect, the invention includes one or more of said siRNA sequences in the form of an AAV vector adapted to express intercellularly and establish a permanent inhibitory effect against influenza virus by integrating to the cellular chromosome of animals including humans. The invention also includes the administration to an animal including humans, in a therapeutically effective amount, at least one of said siRNA sequences.”

Title: siRNA Targeting Survivin
Number: 20070072823
Filed: Dec. 4, 2006
Lead Inventor: Anastasia Khvorova, Dharmacon (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
According to the patent application’s abstract, “efficient sequence specific gene silencing is possible through the use of siRNA technology. By selecting particular siRNAs by rational design, one can maximize the generation of an effective gene silencing reagent, as well as methods for silencing genes.”

Title: Use of the Endo-180 Gene and Polypeptide for Diagnosis and Treatment
Number: 20070072244
Filed: Nov. 16, 2005
Lead Inventor: Orna Mor, Quark Biotech
The patent application, its abstract states “is directed to a process of identifying a compound capable of modulating activity of a human Endo-180 receptor that comprises the steps of measuring the binding of the Endo-180 receptor to an interactor with which the Endo-180 receptor interacts specifically in vivo, in the absence or presence of a compound, and determining whether the binding of the Endo-180 receptor to the interactor is affected by the compound. This application is also directed to use of a compound identified by that process in the preparation of a medicament for therapy of disease, in particular fibrosis,” the abstract states.
“This application also relates to the use of Endo-180 modulators in treatment of disease,” including siRNAs, it adds.

Title: Compositions and Methods for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
Number: 20070072204
Filed: May 2, 2006
Lead Inventor: Gregory Hannon, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
“The application relates to methods and compositions for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of tumors and cancers in mammals, for example, humans, utilizing the mir17-92 cluster,” its abstract states. “The application further relates to screening methods to identify compounds and reagents useful in cancer diagnosis, prevention, and therapy.”