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USPTO Publishes One Patent, Three Patent Applications Related to RNAi: Apr 3, 2008

Title: Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Viral Replication
Number: 7,348,314
Filed: March 7, 2003
Lead Inventor: John Matthias, Alnylam Europe (Alnylam Pharmaceuticals)
The invention, the patent’s abstract states, “relates to a double-stranded ribonucleic acid having a nucleotide sequence [that] is less than 30 nucleotides in length and which is substantially identical to at least a part of a 3'-untranslated region plus-strand RNA virus, such as HCV, as well as pharmaceutical compositions comprising the dsRNA, together with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. The pharmaceutical compositions are useful for treating infections and diseases caused by the replication or activity of the plus-strand RNA virus, as well as methods for inhibiting viral replication.”

Title: Novel Oligonucleotide Compositions and Probe Sequences Useful for Detection and Analysis of Non-Coding RNAs Associated with Cancer
Number: 20080076674
Filed: July 6, 2007
Lead Inventor: Thomas Litman, Exiqon
“The invention relates to ribonucleic acids and oligonucleotide probes useful for detection and analysis of non-coding RNAs, such as microRNAs and small nuclear RNA, in particular small nucleolar RNAs, and their precursors [that] are associated with cancer, and which can be used for characterizing breast cancers or suspected cancer,” the patent application’s abstract states.

Title: Dicer Substrate RNA Peptide Conjugates and Methods for RNA Therapeutics
Number: 20080076701
Filed: Aug. 10, 2007
Lead Inventor: Steven Quay, Nastech Pharmaceutical
The patent application, its abstract states, claims “Dicer-substrate RNA peptide conjugates comprising a double-stranded ribonucleic acid having a sense strand and an antisense strand, and a peptide, wherein the Dicer-substrate RNA is conjugated to the peptide, and compositions and methods of use thereof.”

Title: siRNA Targeting Nuclear Receptors
Number: 20080076908
Filed: Oct. 24, 2007
Lead Inventor: Anastasia Khvorova, Dharmacon (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
“Efficient sequence-specific gene silencing is possible through the use of siRNA technology,” the patent application’s abstract states. “By selecting particular siRNAs by rational design, one can maximize the generation of an effective gene-silencing reagent, as well as methods for silencing genes. Methods, compositions, and kits generated through rational design of siRNAs are disclosed including those directed to nuclear receptors.”

The Scan

Not as High as Hoped

The Associated Press says initial results from a trial of CureVac's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine suggests low effectiveness in preventing COVID-19.

Finding Freshwater DNA

A new research project plans to use eDNA sampling to analyze freshwater rivers across the world, the Guardian reports.

Rise in Payments

Kaiser Health News investigates the rise of payments made by medical device companies to surgeons that could be in violation of anti-kickback laws.

Nature Papers Present Ginkgo Biloba Genome Assembly, Collection of Polygenic Indexes, More

In Nature this week: a nearly complete Ginkgo biloba genome assembly, polygenic indexes for dozens of phenotypes, and more.