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USPTO Publishes Four RNAi-Related Patent Applications: Mar 23, 2006


Title: Oligoribonucleotides for the Treatment of Degenerative Skin Conditions by RNA Interference

Number: 20060058256

Filed: May 20, 2005

Lead Inventor: Ute Breitenbach, Beiersdorf

"The invention relates to oligoribonucleotides, which are capable of inducing breakdown of the mRNA enzymes that break down connective tissue, and to pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions, which are provided for topical application and which contain the oligoribonucleotides," the patent application's abstract states. "The compositions are particularly suited for treating degenerative skin disorders."

Title: RNAi-Based Therapeutics for Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma

Number: 20060058255

Filed: March 1, 2005

Lead Inventor: Jianzhu Chen, Galenea

The invention, the patent application's abstract states, "provides compositions comprising one or more RNAi agents (e.g., siRNAs, shRNAs, or RNAi vectors) for the treatment of conditions and diseases mediated by (e.g., featuring IgE-mediated hypersensitivity), as well as systems for identifying RNAi agents effective for this purpose. … In addition, the invention provides RNAi agent/delivery agent compositions and methods of use. In certain embodiments of the invention compositions comprising an RNAi agent are delivered by the respiratory route."

Title: RNA Probes

Number: 20060057590

Filed: Sept. 14, 2004

Lead Inventor: Azeddine Si-Ammour, Novartis

"The invention is based in part on the generation of a double-stranded RNA molecule substantially covering the whole transcribed region of a gene, and cleaving this using an RNA endonuclease to generate small RNA molecules which are already or may be subsequently labeled," the patent application's abstract states. "The invention provides small labeled ribonucleic acid fragments for use as probes to detect potentially small interfering ribonucleic acid fragments produced in vivo. The invention also provides uses of said small labeled RNA fragments and kits suitable for preparing said small labeled RNA fragments"

Title: Chemically Modified Oligonucleotides

Number: 20060058266

Filed: Aug. 10, 2005

Lead Inventor: Muthiah Manoharan, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

The invention, the patent application's abstract states, "relates [to] compositions and methods for making and using chemically modified oligonucleotides agents for inhibiting gene expression."