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Three RNAi-Related Patent Applications Published by the USPTO: May 20, 2005


Title: Genes Required for Viability And/Or Reproduction in C. elegans and Their Use in the Development of Anti-Nematode Agents.

Number: 20050101773.

Filed: Sept. 8, 2003. PCT Filed Nov. 9, 2001.

Lead Inventor: : Chris Echeverri, Cenix Bioscience.

"The … invention relates to several C. elegans genes and gene products identified by means of RNA-mediated interference as required for the viability, growth, or reproduction of nematodes and to functional orthologues of said genes and gene products found in other nematode species, including all biologically-active derivatives thereof," the patent application's abstract states.

"The invention also comprises the use of said genes and gene products in the development of anti-nematode or other pesticidal agents and in methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with the infection or presence of nematodes."

Title: RNA Interference Pathway Genes as Tools for Targeted Genetic Interference.

Number: 20050100913.

Filed: Aug. 20, 2003.

Lead Inventor: Craig Mello, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

According to the patent application's abstract, the invention comprises "genes involved in double-stranded RNA interference [used] to investigate the RNAi pathway. The genes and their products are also useful for modulating RNAi pathway activity," the abstract adds.

Title: Method and Medicament for Inhibiting the Expression of a Given Gene.

Number: 20050100907.

Filed: July 2, 2003.

Lead Inventor: Roland Kreutzer, Ribopharma (Alnylam Europe).

"The invention relates to an isolated RNA that mediates RNA interference of an mRNA to which it corresponds and a method of mediating RNA interference of mRNA of a gene in a cell or organism using the isolated RNA," the patent application's abstract states.

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