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Thermo Fisher to Supply Genentech with RNAi Tech for Drug Studies

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Thermo Fisher Scientific said today that it will supply Genentech with RNAi technology for use in siRNA-based drug discovery research.
Under the agreement, Thermo Fisher Scientific will provide Genentech with siRNA design, stabilization, delivery, and related RNAi technologies from its RNAi Discovery and Therapeutic Services lab in Colorado.
The drugs Genentech is working on would silence expression of disease-related genes, which could help extend drug research efforts on targets that have so far not been successfully developed.
“Our work with Genentech will focus on developments that will enable in vivo target validation and potentially human therapeutic applications of RNAi technology,” Thermo Fisher Scientific VP of Global R&D Ian Jardine said in a statement.
Financial terms of the agreement were not released.