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Scrip Reports RNAi report, Allele Biotechnology online oligo ordering, Mirus siXpress PCR Vector Systems, Qiagen s EZ1 RNA mini kits, US Labs gene expression profiling services


Scrip Reports has released a new business report entitled RNAi: The Revolution in Drug Discovery, which includes a review and analysis of the gene silencing technology.

According to Scrip, the report addresses such issues as the advantages of using RNAi in drug discovery, the major industry players, how the technology compares to antisense, and the importance of off-target effects.

Details on obtaining the report can be found at

Allele Biotechnology has introduced a feature on its website that allows customers to place oligo orders online. Registration for the service can be found at

Mirus recently introduced its siXpress PCR Vector Systems, which allow for the preparation and expression of siRNA expression cassettes using one of three polymerase III promoters: human U6, human, H1, or mouse U6.

According to the company, double-stranded DNA containing the siRNA expression cassette is generated by PCR and transfected into mammalian cells in vitro with the company’s TransIt-LT1 transfection reagent.

Information on ordering the vector systems can be found at

Qiagen has recently introduced three new RNA purification products: the EZ1 RNA Cell Mini Kit, the EZ1 RNA Tissue Mini Kit, and the E1 RNA Card.

The RNA cell mini kit, said Qiagen, allows for purification of total RNA from up to 2 x 106 cells. The RNA tissue mini kit allows for the purification of total RNA from tissue samples up to 10 mg, and the RNA card is a preprogrammed card for EZ1 RNA purification protocols.

Details about the cell mini kit can be found at

Details about the RNA tissue mini kit can be found at

Information on the card can be found at

US Labs said this week that it has introduced gene expression profiling capabilities that allow the company to create a genetic picture of a patient’s tumor. The tests are performed on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue using technology licensed from Arcturus.

Forty thousand RNA transcripts representing 25,000 to 30,000 genes may be assessed using this technique, said US Labs. The information generated can then be analyzed by physicians who will ultimately decide how they utilize the genetic profile and what impact it plays in clinical patient management.

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