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RNAi News to be Introduced Sept. 5: Publication to Provide Weekly Updates on Gene Silencing Technology World


Welcome to RNAi News, the weekly newsletter on technology for gene silencing. RNAi News is the latest in the family of professional-focus news services brought to you by the editors of GenomeWeb.

RNA interference has become a hot topic in life sciences circles over the past year or so, in the wake of the discovery that short interfering RNA strands of 21 to 25 nucleotides can silence gene expression in mammalian cells. Companies in the nucleic acid synthesis sector have turned their attention to making RNAi for researchers, and have begun to reap a healthy profit from this endeavor. Meanwhile, ailing biotech companies have tried to revive themselves by beginning ambitious RNAi therapeutics programs, while other firms have formed to focus solely on developing this technology as a therapeutic.

But as this field rapidly evolves, it is becoming nearly impossible for any one person to keep up with all of the news, and figure out how these developments will affect the sector. This is the mission of RNAi News: to provide subscribers with timely, thorough updates on RNAi and related technology, and to offer insights and analysis on how the changes in the field will affect their work.

Each week, subscribers of RNAi News will receive breaking news, features and inside reporting on RNA interference and other methods of gene silencing. The newsletter will offer complete coverage on the latest research innovations, as well as the companies competing to make and sell RNAi and other gene-silencing technologies.

Recurring departments will include reports on the people behind the technology and personnel changes; product and services introductions; an update on the shifting sands of intellectual property surrounding RNAi and short interfering RNA, or siRNA; and a weekly in-depth interview with an “RNAinsider,” — one of the pioneers who is shaping this fast-moving technology.

The news will be delivered to the readers’ in-box directly in PDF format, and will be posted on the password-only, fully searchable RNAi News website.

For those who make their livings and their reputations in the world of RNAi and related technologies, RNAi News will become the premier news source.

— Marian Moser Jones
Editorial Director, GenomeWeb Newsletters


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