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Recent RNAi-Related Papers of Note: Oct 28, 2005

Recent RNAi-Related Papers of Note
Title Citations Authors
Combining RNA Interference and Kinase Inhibitors Against Cell Signalling Components Involved in Cancer BMC Cancer, Oct.2005; 3: 5, 125 Hanson et al.
Knockdown of c-Met by Adenovirus-Delivered Small Interfering RNA Inhibits Hepatocellular Carcinoma Growth In Vitro and In Vivo Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Oct. 2005; 4: 10, 1577-1584 Li et al.
RNA Pol II Subunit Rpb7 Promotes Centromeric Transcription and RNAi-Directed Chromatin Silencing Genes & Development, Oct. 1, 2005; 19: 19, 2301-2306 Ekwall et al.
Second-Generation shRNA Libraries Covering the Mouse and Human Genomes Nature Genetics, Oct. 2, 2005; epub ahead of print Hannon et al.
Probing Tumor Phenotypes Using Stable and Regulated Synthetic microRNA Precursors Nature Genetics, Oct. 2, 2005; epub ahead of print Lowe et al.
RNAi Therapeutics: SNALPing siRNAs In Vivo Gene Therapy, Oct. 6, 2005; epub ahead of print Rossi
A Bi-Functional siRNA Construct Induces RNA Interference and Also Primes PCR Amplification for its Own Quantification Nucleic Acids Research, Oct. 7, 2005; 33: 18, e151 Milner et al.
Retraction: Hairpin RNAs and Retrotransposon LTRs Effect RNAi and Chromatin-Based Gene Silencing Science, Oct. 7, 2005; 310: 5745, 49 Allshire
Retraction: RNA Interference-Directed Chromatin Modification Coupled to RNA Polymerase II Transcription Nature, Oct. 13, 2005; 437: 7061, 1057 Allshire et al.
RNAi: A Potential Therapy for the Dominantly Inherited Nucleotide Repeat Diseases Gene Therapy, Oct. 20, 2005; epub ahead of print Davidson et al.
microPrimer: The Biogenesis and Function of microRNA Development, Nov. 2005; 132: 21, 4645-4652 Zamore and Du
Double-Stranded RNA Induces Sequence-Specific Antiviral Silencing in Addition to Non-Specific Immunity in a Marine Shrimp: Convergence of RNA Interference and Innate Immunity in the Invertebrate Antiviral Response? Journal of Virology, Nov. 2005; 79:21, 13561-13571 Warr et al.
Dicer-Dependent Turnover of Intergenic Transcripts from the Human Beta-Globin Gene Cluster Molecular and Cellular Biology, Nov. 2005; 25: 21, 9724-9733 Proudfoot and Haussecker