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Recent RNAi-Related Papers of Note: Oct 28, 2005

Recent RNAi-Related Papers of Note
Title Citations Authors
Combining RNA Interference and Kinase Inhibitors Against Cell Signalling Components Involved in Cancer BMC Cancer, Oct.2005; 3: 5, 125 Hanson et al.
Knockdown of c-Met by Adenovirus-Delivered Small Interfering RNA Inhibits Hepatocellular Carcinoma Growth In Vitro and In Vivo Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Oct. 2005; 4: 10, 1577-1584 Li et al.
RNA Pol II Subunit Rpb7 Promotes Centromeric Transcription and RNAi-Directed Chromatin Silencing Genes & Development, Oct. 1, 2005; 19: 19, 2301-2306 Ekwall et al.
Second-Generation shRNA Libraries Covering the Mouse and Human Genomes Nature Genetics, Oct. 2, 2005; epub ahead of print Hannon et al.
Probing Tumor Phenotypes Using Stable and Regulated Synthetic microRNA Precursors Nature Genetics, Oct. 2, 2005; epub ahead of print Lowe et al.
RNAi Therapeutics: SNALPing siRNAs In Vivo Gene Therapy, Oct. 6, 2005; epub ahead of print Rossi
A Bi-Functional siRNA Construct Induces RNA Interference and Also Primes PCR Amplification for its Own Quantification Nucleic Acids Research, Oct. 7, 2005; 33: 18, e151 Milner et al.
Retraction: Hairpin RNAs and Retrotransposon LTRs Effect RNAi and Chromatin-Based Gene Silencing Science, Oct. 7, 2005; 310: 5745, 49 Allshire
Retraction: RNA Interference-Directed Chromatin Modification Coupled to RNA Polymerase II Transcription Nature, Oct. 13, 2005; 437: 7061, 1057 Allshire et al.
RNAi: A Potential Therapy for the Dominantly Inherited Nucleotide Repeat Diseases Gene Therapy, Oct. 20, 2005; epub ahead of print Davidson et al.
microPrimer: The Biogenesis and Function of microRNA Development, Nov. 2005; 132: 21, 4645-4652 Zamore and Du
Double-Stranded RNA Induces Sequence-Specific Antiviral Silencing in Addition to Non-Specific Immunity in a Marine Shrimp: Convergence of RNA Interference and Innate Immunity in the Invertebrate Antiviral Response? Journal of Virology, Nov. 2005; 79:21, 13561-13571 Warr et al.
Dicer-Dependent Turnover of Intergenic Transcripts from the Human Beta-Globin Gene Cluster Molecular and Cellular Biology, Nov. 2005; 25: 21, 9724-9733 Proudfoot and Haussecker
The Scan

Long COVID-19 Susceptibility Clues Contained in Blood Plasma Proteome

A longitudinal study in eBioMedicine found weeks-long blood plasma proteome shifts after SARS-CoV-2 infection, along with proteomic signatures that appeared to coincide with long Covid risk.

Tibetan Study Finds Adaptive Variant Influencing Skin Pigmentation

With a combination of phenotyping and genetic data, researchers document at PNAS a Tibetan-enriched enhancer variant influencing melanin synthesis and ultraviolet light response.

Domestication Linked to Nervous System Genes in Inbred Mouse Strains

Researchers highlighted more than 300 positively selected genes in domesticated mice, including genes linked to nervous system function or behavior in Genome Biology.

ALS Genetic Testing May Be Informative Across Age Ranges, Study Finds

Researchers in the journal Brain identified clinically actionable variants in a significant subset of older ALS patients, prompting them to point to the potential benefits of broader test use.