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Recent RNAi-Related Papers of Note: Mar 16, 2006

Recent RNAi-Related Papers of Note
Title Citation Authors
Inhibition of Measles Virus and Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis Virus by RNA Interference Antiviral Research, Feb. 13, 2006; epub ahead of print Hotta
et al.
Cell-Type-Specific Signatures of microRNAs on Target mRNA Expression Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Feb. 13, 2006; epub ahead of print Rajewsky et al.
A microRNA Expression Signature of Human Solid Tumors Defines Cancer Gene Targets Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Feb. 14, 2006; 103; 7, 2257-2261 Croce
et al.
Interacting Endogenous and Exogenous RNAi Pathways in Caenorhabditis elegans RNA, Feb. 17, 2006; epub ahead of print Ambros
et al.
LNA-Modified Oligonucleotides Mediate Specific Inhibition of microRNA Function Gene, Feb. 22, 2006; epub ahead of print Lund
et al.
Intracellular-Diced dsRNA Has Enhanced Efficacy for Silencing HCV RNA and Overcomes Variation in the Viral Genotype Gene Therapy, Feb. 23, 2006; epub ahead of print Kohara
et al.
The Colorectal microRNAome Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Feb. 27, 2006; epub ahead of print Velculescu et al.
RNA Interference in Embryonic Stem Cells and the Prospects for Future Therapies Gene Therapy, March 2006; 13: 6, 478-486 Ramalho-Santos et al.
MicroRNA-Guided Processing Impairs Plum Pox Virus Replication, but the Virus Readily Evolves to Escape this Silencing Mechanism Journal of Virology, March 2006; 80: 5, 2429-2436 Garcia and Simon-Mateo
3' UTR Seed Matches, but not Overall Identity, are Associated with RNAi Off-Targets Nature Methods, March 2006; 3: 3, 199-204 Khvorova
et al.
Building Mammalian Signaling Pathways with RNAi Screens Nature Reviews: Molecular Cell Biology, March 2006; 7: 3, 177-187 Sabatini and Moffat
Evolution of Arabidopsis microRNA Families through Duplication Events Genome Research, March 6, 2006; epub ahead of print Ware
et al.
A Genome-Wide Map of Conserved MicroRNA Targets in C. elegans Current Biology, March 7, 2006; 16; 5, 460-471 Rajewsky
et al.
Short Interfering RNA Strand Selection Is Independent of dsRNA Processing Polarity during RNAi in Drosophila Current Biology, March 7, 2006; 16: 5, 530-535 Sontheimer
et al.
In situ Fluorescence Analysis Demonstrates Active siRNA Exclusion from the Nucleus by Exportin 5 Nucleic Acids Research, March 6, 2006; 34: 5, 1369-1380 Schwille
et al.
Improving RNA Interference in Mammalian Cells by 4'-Thio-Modified Small Interfering RNA: Effect on siRNA Activity and Nuclease Stability When Used in Combination with 2'-O-Alkyl Modifications Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, March 9, 2006; 49: 5, 1624-1634 Bhat
et al.
Screening of siRNA Target Sequences by Using Fragmentized DNA Journal of Gene Medicine, March 13, 2006; epub ahead of print Miyagishi
et al.
The Scan

For Better Odds

Bloomberg reports that a child has been born following polygenic risk score screening as an embryo.

Booster Decision Expected

The New York Times reports the US Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize a booster dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine this week for individuals over 65 or at high risk.

Snipping HIV Out

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Temple University researchers are to test a gene-editing approach for treating HIV.

PLOS Papers on Cancer Risk Scores, Typhoid Fever in Colombia, Streptococcus Protection

In PLOS this week: application of cancer polygenic risk scores across ancestries, genetic diversity of typhoid fever-causing Salmonella, and more.