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Recent RNAi-Related Papers of Note: Jul 8, 2005

Recent RNAi-Related Deals of Note
Dissecting RNA Interference Pathway with Small Molecules

Chemistry & Biology,
June 2005; 12: 6, 643-648

Rana et al.
Plant Virus-Derived Small Interfering RNAs Originate Predominantly from Highly Structured Single-Stranded RNAs Journal of Virology,
June 2005; 79: 12, 7812-7818
Burgyan et al.
A Virus-Encoded Inhibitor That Blocks RNA Interference in Mammalian Cells Journal of Virology,
June 2005; 79: 12, 7371-7379
Sullivan and Ganem
Cell Microarrays and RNA Interference Chip Away at Gene Function Nature Genetics,
June 2005; s25-s30
Sabatini et al.
Human Mitochondrial tRNAMet is Exported to the Cytoplasm and Associates with the Argonaute 2 Protein RNA,
June 2005; 11: 6, 849-852
Maniataki and Mourelatos
Sequence Characteristics of Functional siRNAs RNA,
June 2005; 11: 6, 864-872
Rothman et al.
Mammalian microRNAs Derived from Genomic Repeats Trends in Genetics,
June 2005; 21: 6, 322-326
Smalheiser and Torvik
Natural Antisense Transcripts with Coding Capacity in Arabidopsis May Have a Regulatory Role That is Not Linked to Double-Stranded RNA Degradation Genome Biology,
June 1, 2005; epub
Meyer et al.
Efficient Processing of Primary microRNA Hairpins by Drosha Requires Flanking Non-Structured RNA Sequences Journal of Biological Chemistry,
June 1, 2005; epub ahead of print
Zeng and Cullen
Reversal of MDR1 Gene-Dependent Multi-Drug Resistance Using Short Hairpin RNA Expression Vectors Chinese Medical Journal,
June 5, 2005; 118: 11, 893-902
Zheng et al.
MicroRNA-Dependent Localization of Targeted mRNAs to Mammalian P-Bodies Nature Cell Biology,
June 5, 2005; epub ahead of print
Parker et al.
RNA Interference Induced by siRNAs Modified with 4'-Thioribonucleosides in Cultured Mammalian Cells FEBS Letters,
June 6, 2005; 579: 14, 3115-3118
Matsuda et al.
RNA Interference by Mixtures of siRNAs Prepared Using Custom Oligonucleotide Arrays Nucleic Acids Research,
June 7, 2005; 33: 10, e92
Gray et al.
MicroRNA Expression Profiles Classify Human Cancers Nature,
June 9, 2005;
435: 7043, 834-838
Golub et al.
c-Myc-Regulated microRNAs Modulate E2F1 Expression Nature,
June 9, 2005;
435: 7043, 839-843
Mendell et al.
Small Hairpin RNAs Efficiently Inhibit Hepatitis C IRES-Mediated Gene Expression in Human Tissue Culture Cells and a Mouse Model Molecular Therapy,
June 10, 2005;
epub ahead of print
Kaspar et al.
Fruit-Specific RNAi-Mediated Suppression of DET1 Enhances Carotenoid and Flavonoid Content in Tomatoes Nature Biotechnology,
June 12, 2005;
epub ahead of print
Bowler et al.
RNA Interference During Spermatogenesis in Mice Developmental Biology,
June 15, 2005; 282: 2, 524-534
Nakatsuji et al.
Inhibition of Hepatitis C Virus Translation and Subgenomic Replication by siRNAs Directed Against Highly Conserved HCV Sequence and Cellular HCV Cofactors Journal of Hepatology,
June 16, 2005; epub ahead of print
Kruger et al.
Stem Cell Division is Regulated by the microRNA Pathway Nature,
June 16, 2005; 435: 7044, 974-978
Ruohola-Baker et al.
RNA Interference-Directed Chromatin Modification Coupled to RNA Polymerase II Transcription Nature,
June 19, 2005; epub ahead of print
Allshire et al.
Identification of Hundreds of Conserved and Non-Conserved Human microRNAs Nature Genetics,
June 19, 2005; epub ahead of print
Bentwich et al.
Identification of Human Fetal Liver miRNAs by a Novel Method FEBS Letters,
June 21, 2005; epub ahead of print
Zheng et al.
MicroRNAs in Vertebrate Development Current Opinion in Genetics
& Development
June 22, 2005;
epub ahead of print
Efficient Inhibition of Human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Expression by RNA Interference Sensitizes Cancer Cells to Ionizing Radiation and Chemotherapy Human Gene Therapy,
June 22, 2005;
epub ahead of print
Inoue et al.
TRBP Recruits the Dicer Complex to Ago2 for microRNA Processing and Gene Silencing Nature,
June 22, 2005;
epub ahead of print
Sheikhatter et al.
RNA Interference and Heterochromatin in the Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe Trends in Genetics,
June 22, 2005;
epub ahead of print
Goto et al.
A Fast, Simple Method for Screening Radiation Susceptibility Genes by RNA Interference Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications,
June 23, 2005; 333: 4, 1370-1377
Harada et al.
Small Interfering RNA Effectively Inhibits Protein Expression and Negative Strand RNA Synthesis from Full-Length Hepatitis C Virus Clone Journal of Medial Virology,
June 23, 2005; 76: 4, 511-519
Dash et al.
Comprehensive Analysis of Heterochromatin- and RNAi-Mediated Epigenetic Control of the Fission Yeast Genome Nature Genetics,
June 24, 2005; epub ahead of print
Grewal et al.
Actively Replicating West Nile Virus is Resistant to Cytoplasmic Delivery of siRNA Virology Journal,
June 28, 2005;
epub ahead of print
Diamond et al.
Dicer-1 and RD31-L Catalyze microRNA Maturation in Drosophila Genes & Development,
June 28, 2005;
epub ahead of print
Liu et al.
Positional Effects of Chemical Modifications on Short Interference RNA Activity in Mammalian Cells Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,
June 30, 2005; 48: 13, 4247-4253
Bhat et al.
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