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Recent RNAi-Related Papers: Apr 8, 2005

Recent RNAi-Related Papers
Title Citation Author(s)
Inhibition of Gene Expression of SARS Coronavirus by Synthetic Small Interfering RNAs Cell Research, Mar. 2005; 15: 3, 193-200 Jin et al.
Modulation of Gene Expression by siRNA in Hepatopoietic Cells Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development, Mar. 2005; 8: 2, 262-269 Eder and Scherr
The Prospect of Silencing Disease Using RNA Interference Journal of the American Medical Association, Mar. 16, 2005; 293: 11, 1367-1373 Lieberman et al.
Stable Inhibition of Hepatitis B Virus Proteins by Small Interfering RNA Expressed from Viral Vectors Journal of Gene Medicine, Mar. 9, 2005; epub ahead
of print
McClure et al.
Regulation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 Transcription by Nef microRNA Journal of General Virology, Mar. 2005; 86: Pt. 3, 751-755 Fujii and Omoto
RNA Interference-Dependent and RNAi-Independent Association of the Chp1 Chromodomain Protein with Distinct Heterochromatic Loci in Fission Yeast Molecular and Cellular Biology, Mar. 2005; 25: 6, 2331-2346 Partridge et al.
Structural Insights into mRNA Recognition from a Piwi Domain-siRNA Guide Complex Nature, Mar. 31, 2005; 434: 7033, 663-666 Barford et al.
Structural Basis for 5'-End-Specific Recognition of Guide RNA by the A. fulgidus Piwi Protein Nature, Mar. 31, 2005; 434: 7033, 666-670 Patel et al.
Sequence-Dependent Stimulation of the Mammalian Innate Immune Response by Synthetic siRNA Nature Biotechnology, Mar. 20, 2005; epub ahead of print Maclachlan et al.
Lentiviral-Mediated Silencing of SOD1 Through RNA Interference Retards Disease Onset and Progression in a Mouse Model of ALS Nature Medicine, Mar. 13, 2005; epub ahead of print Aebischer et al.
L1 Retrotransposon-Mediated Stable Gene Silencing Nucleic Acids Research, Mar. 30, 2005; 33: 6, e57 Kazazian et al.
The Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencing Machinery Functions Independently of DNA Methylation to Repress a LINE1-Like Retrotransposon in Neurospora crassa Nucleic Acids Research, Mar. 14, 2005; 33: 5, 1564-1573 Cogoni et al.
A Systematic Analysis of the Silencing Effects of an Active siRNA at All Single-Nucleotide Mismatched Target Sites Nucleic Acids Research, Mar. 21, 2005; 33: 5, 1671-1677 Liang et al.
A Computational Study of Off-Target Effects of RNA Interference Nucleic Acids Research, Mar. 30, 2005; 33: 6, 1837-1847 Lane et al.
Functional Genomic Analysis of RNA Interference in C. elegans Science, Mar. 24, 2005; epub ahead of print Ruvkun et al.
Modulation of Angiogenesis with siRNA Inhibitors for Novel Therapeutics Trends in Molecular
, Mar. 2005;
11: 3, 104-113
Woodle et al.


The Scan

Missed Early Cases

A retrospective analysis of blood samples suggests early SARS-CoV-2 infections may have been missed in the US, the New York Times reports.

Limited Journal Editor Diversity

A survey finds low diversity among scientific and medical journal editors, according to The Scientist.

How Much of a Threat?

Science writes that need for a provision aimed at shoring up genomic data security within a new US bill is being questioned.

PNAS Papers on Historic Helicobacter Spread, Brain Development, C. difficile RNAs

In PNAS this week: Helicobacter genetic diversity gives insight into human migrations, gene expression patterns of brain development, and more.