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In Print: Last Month's RNAi- and microRNA-Related Papers of Note: Feb 2, 2012


Branched, Tripartite-Interfering RNAs Silence Multiple Target Genes with Long Guide Strands

Nucleic Acid Therapeutics, Jan. 5, 2012; epub ahead of print
Lee et al.

An Optimized Sponge for microRNA miR-9 Affects Spinal Motor Neuron Development In Vivo

Frontiers in Neuroscience, Jan. 5, 2012; epub ahead of print
Sun et al.

Enhanced Intracellular Delivery and Multi-Target Gene Silencing Triggered by Tripodal RNA Structures

Journal of Gene Medicine, Jan. 6, 2012; epub ahead of print
Lee et al.

Rapid Generation of microRNA Sponges for microRNA Inhibition

PLoS One, Jan. 6, 2012; epub ahead of print
van den Berg et al.

The N Domain of Argonaute Drives Duplex Unwinding During RISC Assembly

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Jan. 10, 2012; epub ahead of print
Kwak & Tomari

Evolution of Susceptibility to Ingested Double-Stranded RNAs in Caenorhabditis Nematodes

PLoS One, Jan. 11, 2012; epub ahead of print
Nuez & Felix

Host Gene Targets for Novel Influenza Therapies Elucidated by High-Throughput RNA Interference Screens

FASEB Journal, Jan. 12, 2012; epub ahead of print
Tripp et al.

mRNA Knockdown by Single-Strand RNA is Improved by Chemical Modifications

Nucleic Acids Research, Jan. 16, 2012; epub ahead of print
Willingham et al.

A Potent 2'-O-Methylated RNA-Based microRNA Inhibitor with Unique Secondary Structures

Nucleic Acids Research, Jan. 17, 2012; epub ahead of print
Iba et al.

Microparticles: Major Transport Vehicles for Distinct miRNAs in Circulation

Cardiovascular Research, Jan. 18, 2012; epub ahead of print
Peter et al.

Biogenesis of Mammalian microRNAs by a Non-Canonical Processing Pathway

Nucleic Acids Research, Jan. 23, 2012; epub ahead of print
Hastings et al.

Amplified microRNA Detection by Templated Chemistry

Nucleic Acids Research, Jan. 25, 2012; epub ahead of print
Harcourt & Kool

Amino-Modified and Lipid-Conjugated Dicer-Substrate siRNA Enhances RNAi Efficacy

Bioconjugate Chemistry, Jan. 26, 2012; epub ahead of print
Seyama et al.

The Viral and Cellular microRNA Targetome in Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines

PLoS Pathogens, Jan. 26, 2012; epub ahead of print
Cullen et al.

A Delivery System Targeting Bone Formation Surfaces to Facilitate RNAi-Based Anabolic Therapy

Nature Medicine, Jan. 29, 2012; epub ahead of print
Qin et al.

Widespread RNA 3'-End Oligouridylation in Mammals

RNA, Jan. 30, 2012; epub ahead of print
McManus et al.

Defined Folate-PEG-siRNA Conjugates for Receptor-Specific Gene Silencing

Molecular Therapy — Nucleic Acids, Jan. 31, 2012; epub ahead of print
Wagner et al.

The Scan

Shape of Them All

According to BBC News, researchers have developed a protein structure database that includes much of the human proteome.

For Flu and More

The Wall Street Journal reports that several vaccine developers are working on mRNA-based vaccines for influenza.

To Boost Women

China's Ministry of Science and Technology aims to boost the number of female researchers through a new policy, reports the South China Morning Post.

Science Papers Describe Approach to Predict Chemotherapeutic Response, Role of Transcriptional Noise

In Science this week: neural network to predict chemotherapeutic response in cancer patients, and more.