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Papers of Note Published August 2011


RNAi- and microRNA-Related Papers Published August 2011

Retraction for Lipardi et al., Identification of an RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase in Drosophila Involved in RNAi and Transposon Suppression

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Aug. 5, 2011; epub ahead of print

The Effects of Stem Length and Core Placement on shRNA Activity

BMC Molecular Biology, Aug. 8, 2011; epub ahead of print
Fanning et al.

Contextual Analysis of RNAi-Based Functional Screens Using Interaction Networks

Bioinformatics, Aug. 10, 2011; epub ahead of print
Gonzalez & Zimmer

microRNA Expression Data Reveals a Signature of Kidney Damage Following Ischemia Reperfusion Injury

PLoS One, Aug. 15, 2011; epub ahead of print
Iacomini et al.

Inhibiting Metastasis of Breast Cancer Cells In Vitro Using Gold Nanorod-siRNA Delivery System

Nanoscale, Aug. 15, 2011; epub ahead of print
Xu et al.

cSSMD: Assessing Collective Activity for Addressing Off-Target Effects in Genome-Scale RNA Interference Screens

Bioinformatics, Aug. 16, 2011; epub ahead of print
Ferrer et al.

microRNAs Can Generate Thresholds in Target Gene Expression

Nature Genetics, Aug. 21, 2011; 43; 9, 854-859
van Oudenaarden et al.

Intracerebral Delivery of Small Interfering RNAs Using Adenoviral Vector Protects Mice Against Lethal Peripheral Rabies Challenge

Virus Research, Aug. 16, 2011; epub ahead of print
Saini et al.

Circulating microRNAs in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

PLoS One, Aug. 23, 2011; epub ahead of print
Beretta et al.

Dual Regulation of Hepatitis C Viral RNA by Cellular RNAi Requires Partitioning of Ago2 to Lipid Droplets and P-Bodies

RNA, Aug. 25, 2011; epub ahead of print
Deniz et al.

Rapid Detection of microRNA by a Silver Nanocluster DNA Probe

Analytical Chemistry, Aug. 26, 2011; epub ahead of print
Yang & Vosch

Evaluation of Two Commercial Global miRNA Expression-Profiling Platforms for Detection of Less Abundant miRNAs

BMC Genomics, Aug. 26, 2011; epub ahead of print
Andersen et al.

Argonaute Protein Identity and Pairing Geometry Determine Cooperativity in Mammalian RNA Silencing

RNA, Aug. 30, 2011; epub ahead of print
Zamore et al.

In Silico Reconstruction of Viral Genomes from Small RNAs Improves Viral-Derived siRNA Profiling

Journal of Virology, Aug. 31, 2011; epub ahead of print
Saleh et al.

The Scan

Booster Push

New data shows a decline in SARS-CoV-2 vaccine efficacy over time, which the New York Times says Pfizer is using to argue its case for a booster, even as the lower efficacy remains high.

With Help from Mr. Fluffington, PurrhD

Cats could make good study animals for genetic research, the University of Missouri's Leslie Lyons tells the Atlantic.

Man Charged With Threatening to Harm Fauci, Collins

The Hill reports that Thomas Patrick Connally, Jr., was charged with making threats against federal officials.

Nature Papers Present Approach to Find Natural Products, Method to ID Cancer Driver Mutations, More

In Nature this week: combination of cryogenic electron microscopy with genome mining helps uncover natural products, driver mutations in cancer, and more.