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Papers of Note: Nov 5, 2009


RNAi-Related Papers Published October 2009

Evidence for Dicer-Dependent RNA Interference in the Industrial Penicillin Producer Penicillium chrysogenum

Microbiology, Oct. 1, 2009; epub ahead of print
Kuck et al.

Multipurpose Modular Lentiviral Vectors for RNA Interference and Transgene Expression

Molecular Biology Reports, Oct. 2, 2009; epub ahead of print
Furst et al.

A Caenorhabditis elegans RNA-Directed RNA Polymerase in Sperm Development and Endogenous RNAi

Genetics, Oct. 5, 2009; epub ahead of print
Baudrimont et al.

Expanded RNA-Binding Activities of Mammalian Argonaute 2

Nucleic Acids Research, Oct. 6, 2009; epub ahead of print
Kiriakidou et al.

Distinct, Overlapping Roles for Two Dicer-Like Proteins in the RNA Interference Pathways of the Ancient Eukaryote Trypanosoma brucei

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Oct. 6, 2009; epub ahead of print
Ullu et al.

Ingested Double-Stranded RNAs Can Act as Species-Specific Insecticides

Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Oct. 7, 2009; epub ahead of print
Wong et al.

Characterization of Viral and Human RNAs Smaller than Canonical microRNAs

Journal of Virology, Oct. 7, 2009; epub ahead of print
John et al.

Nucleation, Propagation, and Cleavage of Target RNAs in Ago Silencing Complexes

Nature, Oct. 8, 2009; 461: 7265, 754-761
Tuschl et al.

Profiling of Mismatch Discrimination in RNAi Enabled Rational Design of Allele-Specific siRNAs

Nucleic Acids Research, Oct. 8, 2009; epub ahead of print
Liang et al.

Development of a Targeted siRNA-Delivery System Using FOL-PEG-PEI Conjugate

Molecular Biology Reports, Oct. 9, 2009; epub ahead of print
Verma et al.

Structural Insights into RNA Processing by the Human RISC-Loading Complex

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Oct. 11, 2009; epub ahead of print
Nogales et al.

A Dual-Functioning Adenoviral Vector Encoding Both Transforming Growth Factor-Beta3 and shRNA Silencing Type I Collagen: Construction and Controlled Release for Chondrogenesis

Journal of Controlled Release, Oct. 12, 2009; epub ahead of print
Wang et al.

An Experimental Platform for Systemic Drug Delivery to the Retina

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Oct. 12, 2009; epub ahead of print
Humphries et al.

Structure of the Human Dicer-TRBP Complex by Electron Microscopy

Structure, Oct. 14, 2009; 17: 10, 1326-1332
MacRae et al.

Low-Level shRNA Cytotoxicity Can Contribute to MYC-Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Adult Mice

Molecular Therapy, Oct. 20, 2009; epub ahead of print
Grimm et al.

Selection of Hyperfunctional siRNAs with Improved Potency and Specificity

Nucleic Acids Research, Oct. 21, 2009; epub ahead of print
Sendera et al.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretes Microparticles Enriched in Pre-miRNAs

Nucleic Acids Research, Oct. 22, 2009; epub ahead of print
Lim et al.

A Significant Increase of RNAi Efficacy in Human Cells by the CMV Enhancer with a tRNAlys Promoter

Journal of Biomedicine & Biotechnology, Oct. 25, 2009; epub ahead of print
Yuyang et al.

Alternative Processing of Primary microRNA Transcripts by Drosha Generates 5’-End Variation of Mature microRNA

PLoS One, Oct. 27, 2009; 4: 10, e7566
Manjunath et al.

Absolute Quantification of microRNAs by Using a Universal Reference

RNA, Oct. 27, 2009; epub ahead of print
Bosio et al.

Concomitant Suppression of Three Target Genes Can Explain the Impact of a microRNA on Metastasis

Genes & Development, Oct. 29, 2009; epub ahead of print
Weinberg et al.

A Reporter Gene-Imaging System for Monitoring microRNA Biogenesis

Nature Protocols, Oct. 29, 2009; epub ahead of print
Kim et al.

The Scan

Missed Early Cases

A retrospective analysis of blood samples suggests early SARS-CoV-2 infections may have been missed in the US, the New York Times reports.

Limited Journal Editor Diversity

A survey finds low diversity among scientific and medical journal editors, according to The Scientist.

How Much of a Threat?

Science writes that need for a provision aimed at shoring up genomic data security within a new US bill is being questioned.

PNAS Papers on Historic Helicobacter Spread, Brain Development, C. difficile RNAs

In PNAS this week: Helicobacter genetic diversity gives insight into human migrations, gene expression patterns of brain development, and more.