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Papers of Note: Apr 7, 2011


RNAi- and microRNA-Related Papers Published March 2011

RNAi-Based Therapeutics Targeting Survivin and PLK1 for Treatment of Bladder Cancer

Molecular Therapy, March 1, 2011; epub ahead of print
Polisky et al.

Disturbance of the microRNA Pathway by Commonly Used Lentiviral shRNA Libraries Limits the Application for Screening Host Factors Involved in Hepatitis C Virus Infection

FEBS Letters, March 2, 2011; epub ahead of print
van der Laan et al.

Multiplexed microRNA Detection by Capillary Electrophoresis with Laser-Induced Fluorescence

Journal of Chromatography, March 2, 2011; epub ahead of print
Chang et al.

Increased siRNA Duplex Stability Correlates with Reduced Off-Target and Elevated On-Target Effects

RNA, March 2, 2011; epub ahead of print
Meister et al.

Lethal Toxicity Caused by Expression of shRNA in the Mouse Striatum: Implications for Therapeutic Design

Gene Therapy, March 3, 2011; epub ahead of print
Gonzalez-Alegre et al.

Argonaute2 Complexes Carry a Population of Circulating microRNAs Independent of Vesicles in Human Plasma

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, March 7, 2011; epub ahead of print
Tewari et al.

Suppression of Latent TGF-Beta1 Restores Growth Inhibitory TGF-Beta Signaling Through microRNAs

Journal of Biological Chemistry, March 14, 2011; epub ahead of print
Hall et al.

Off-Target Effects Dominate a Large-Scale RNAi Screen for Modulators of the TGF-Beta Pathway and Reveal microRNA Regulation of TGFFBR2

Silence, March 14, 2011; 2: 3
Sander et al.

Phosphate and R2D2 Restrict the Substrate Specificity of Dicer-2, an STP-Driven Ribonuclease

Molecular Cell, March 16, 2011; epub ahead of print
Zamore et al.

microRNAs are Transported in Plasma and Delivered to Recipient Cells by High-Density Lipoproteins

Nature Cell Biology, March 20, 2011; epub ahead of print
Remaley et al.

Silencing of microRNA Families by Seed-Targeting Tiny LNAs

Nature Genetics, March 20, 2011; 43: 4, 371-378
Kauppinen et al.

Glucan Particles for Selective Delivery of siRNA to Phagocytic Cells in Mice

Biochemical Journal, March 21, 2011; epub ahead of print
Czech et al.

microRNA-95 Promotes Cell Proliferation and Targets Sorting Nexin 1 in Human Colorectal Carcinoma

Cancer Research, March 22, 2011; epub ahead of print
Du et al.

siRNA-Induced Immunostimulation Through TLR7 Promotes Antitumoral Activity Against HPV-Driven Tumors In Vivo

Immunology and Cell Biology, March 22, 2011; epub ahead of print
McMillan et al.

RISC-Bound siRNA is a Determinant of RNAi-Mediated Gene Silencing in Mice

Molecular Pharmacology, March 22, 2011; epub ahead of print
Kuklin et al.

Transcriptional Gene Silencing in Mammalian Cells by miRNA Mimics that Target Gene Promoters

Nucleic Acids Research, March 22, 2011; epub ahead of print
Younger & Corey

A Cell Spot Microarray Method for Production of High-Density siRNA Transfection Microarrays

BMC Genomics, March 28, 2011; epub ahead of print
Kallioniemi et al.

Next-Generation Sequencing of the Chinese Hamster Ovary microRNA Transcriptome: Identification, Annotation, and Profiling of microRNAs as Targets or Cellular Engineering

Journal of Biotechnology, March 28, 2011; epub ahead of print
Grillari et al.

Analysis of microRNA Turnover in Mammalian Cells Following Dicer1 Ablation

Nucleic Acids Research, March 29, 2011; epub ahead of print
Williams et al.

Functional Implications of microRNAs in Acute Myeloid Leukemia by Integrating microRNA and Messenger RNA Expression Profiling

Cancer, March 31, 2011; epub ahead of print
Garzon et al.

The Scan

Plan Rebuffed

The Associated Press reports China has rejected the World Health Organization's proposal to include the lab-leak theory in the next phase of its investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV-2.

Opossum Change

Researchers from Riken have used CRISPR to edit marsupial genomes, as Technology Review reports.

In the Ice

Cosmos magazine reports that researchers have uncovered more than two dozen ancient viruses in a Tibetan glacier.

Nature Papers Present Method to Uncover Differential RNA Modifications, Neutrophils in Innate Immune Response

In Nature this week: computational approach to identifying differential RNA modifications, and more.