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Papers of Note: Nov 4, 2010


RNAi- and microRNA-Related Papers Published October 2010

Intraperitoneal Administration of Chitosan/DsiRNA Nanoparticles Targeting TNF-Alpha Prevents Radiation-Induced Fibrosis

Radiotherapy and Oncology, Oct. 2010; 97: 1, 143-148
Kjems et al.

microRNA Signatures in Total Peripheral Blood as Novel Biomarkers for Acute Myocardial Infarction

Basic Research in Cardiology, Oct. 1, 2010; epub ahead of print
Rottbauer et al.

pH-Responsive Polymeric Micelle Carriers for siRNA Drugs

Biomacromolecules, Oct. 1, 2010; epub ahead of print
Stayton et al.

Non-Viral siRNA Delivery into the Mouse Retina In Vivo

BMC Ophthalmology, Oct. 1, 2010; 10: 25
Dermietzel et al.

Novel Multifunctional Nanoparticle Mediates siRNA Tumor Delivery, Visualization, and Therapeutic Tumor Reduction In Vivo

Journal of Controlled Release, Oct. 1, 2010; epub ahead of print
Bell et al.

Human Traumatic Brain Injury Alters Plasma microRNA Levels

Journal of Neurotrauma, Oct. 1, 2010; epub ahead of print
Dash et al.

RNAi Experiments in D. melanogaster: Solutions to the Overlooked Problem of Off-Targets Shared by Independent dsRNAs

PLoS One, Oct. 1, 2010; 5: 10, e13119
Sibon et al.

RNAi Screen Indicates Widespread Biological Function for Human Natural Antisense Transcripts

PLoS One, Oct. 4, 2010; 5: 10, e13177
Wahlestedt et al.

Antisense Tools for Functional Studies of Human Argonaute Proteins

RNA, Oct. 8, 2010; epub ahead of print
Sczakiel et al.

Shortcomings of Short Hairpin RNA-Based Transgenic RNA Interference in Mouse Oocytes

Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine, Oct. 12, 2010; 9: 8
Svoboda et al.

Viral RNA Silencing Suppressors: Novel Strategy of Viruses to Ablate the Host RNA Interference Defense System

Virus Research, Oct. 14, 2010; epub ahead of print
Chauhan et al.

PNA-Based Antisense Oligonucleotides for microRNAs Inhibition in the Absence of a Transfection Reagent

Oligonucleotides, Oct. 14, 2010; epub ahead of print
Park et al.

Controlled Expression of Functional miR-122 with a Ligand-Inducible Expression System

BMC Biotechnology, Oct. 20, 2010; epub ahead of print
Shea & Tzertzinis

Targeted Delivery of siRNA to Hepatocytes and Hepatic Stellate Cells by Bioconjugation

Bioconjugate Chemistry, Oct. 21, 2010; epub ahead of print
Zhu & Mahato

Probing the Initiation and Effector Phases of the Somatic piRNA Pathway in Drosophila

Genes & Development, Oct. 21, 2010; epub ahead of print
Hannon et al.

Recurrent Adaptation in RNA Interference Genes Across the Drosophila Phylogeny

Molecular Biology and Evolution, Oct. 22, 2010; epub ahead of print
Kern et al.

Persistence of Seed-Based Activity Following Segmentation of a microRNA Guide Strand

RNA, Oct. 22, 2010; epub ahead of print
Lim et al.

Xenopus Furry Contributes to Release of microRNA Gene Silencing

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Oct. 25, 2010; epub ahead of print
Asashima et al.

Short RNA Duplexes Guide Sequence-Dependent Cleavage by Human Dicer

RNA, Oct. 25, 2010; epub ahead of print
Elela et al.

RNAi-Mediated Immunity Provides Strong Protection Against the Negative-Strand RNA Vesicular Stomatitis Virus in Drosophila

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Oct. 26, 2010; epub ahead of print
Imler et al.

Altered microRNA Regulation in Huntington's Disease Models

Experimental Neurology, Oct. 27, 2010; epub ahead of print
Roh et al.

Bioresponsive Hyperbranched Polymers for siRNA and miRNA Delivery

Journal of Drug Targeting, Oct. 27, 2010; epub ahead of print
Howard et al.

RISC RNA Sequencing for Context-Specific Identification of In Vivo microRNA Targets

Circulation Research, Oct. 28, 2010; epub ahead of print
Dorn et al.

Highly Efficient Gene-Silencing Activity of siRNA Embedded in a Nanostructure Gyroid Cubic Lipid Matrix

Journal of the American Chemical Society, Oct. 28, 2010; epub ahead of print
Safinya et al.

High Responders to Resistance Training Demonstrate Differential Regulation of Skeletal Muscle microRNA Expression

Journal of Applied Physiology, Oct. 28, 2010; epub ahead of print
Phillips et al.

An shRNA Library Constructed Through the Generation of Loop-Stem-Loop DNA

Journal of Gene Medicine, Oct. 29, 2010; epub ahead of print
Nishikawa & Sugiyama

starBase: A Database for Exploring microRNA-mRNA Interaction Maps from Argonaute CLIP-Seq and Degradome-Seq Data

Nucleic Acids Research, Oct. 30, 2010; epub ahead of print
Qu et al.

The Scan

Team Tracks Down Potential Blood Plasma Markers Linked to Heart Failure in Atrial Fibrillation Patients

Researchers in BMC Genomics found 10 differentially expressed proteins or metabolites that marked atrial fibrillation with heart failure cases.

Study Points to Synonymous Mutation Effects on E. Coli Enzyme Activity

Researchers in Nature Chemistry saw signs of enzyme activity shifts in the presence of synonymous mutations in a multiscale modeling analysis of three Escherichia coli genes.

Team Outlines Paternal Sample-Free Single-Gene Approach for Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening

With data for nearly 9,200 pregnant individuals, researchers in Genetics in Medicine demonstrate the feasibility of their carrier screening and reflex single-gene non-invasive prenatal screening approach.

Germline-Targeting HIV Vaccine Shows Promise in Phase I Trial

A National Institutes of Health-led team reports in Science that a broadly neutralizing antibody HIV vaccine induced bnAb precursors in 97 percent of those given the vaccine.