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Papers of Note: Jun 3, 2010


RNAi- and microRNA-Related Papers Published May 2010

Effective Knockdown of Multiple Target Genes by Expressing the Single Transcript Harboring Multi-Cistronic shRNAs

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, May 6, 2010; epub ahead of print
Seol et al.

Analysis of microRNA Transcriptome by Deep Sequencing of Small RNA Libraries of Peripheral Blood

BMC Genomics, May 7, 2010; epub ahead of print
Bhattacharya et al.

Designing Small Multiple-Target Artificial RNAs

Nucleic Acids Research, May 7, 2010
Ferbeyre et al.

Targeted Delivery of RNAi Therapeutics with Endogenous and Exogenous Ligand-Based Mechanisms

Molecular Therapy, May 11, 2010; epub ahead of print
Maier et al.

Gene Bi-Targeting by Viral and Human miRNAs

BMC Bioinformatics, May 13, 2010; epub ahead of print
Ziv-Ukelson et al.

Proteomic Identification of Drosophila siRNA-Associated Factors

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, May 15, 2010; epub ahead of print
Sontheimer et al.

Discovery of microRNAs and Other Small RNAs in Solid Tumors

Nucleic Acids Research, May 18, 2010; epub ahead of print
Sitbon et al.

microRNA Expression Patterns Reveal Differential Expression of Target Genes with Age

PLoS One, May 20, 2010; 5: 5, e10724
Evans et al.

PAMAM Dendrimers for siRNA Delivery: Computational and Experimental Insights

Chemistry, May 21, 2010; epub ahead of print
Pricl et al.

Titers of Lentiviral Vectors Encoding shRNAs and miRNAs are Reduced by Different Mechanisms that Require Distinct Repair Strategies

RNA, May 24, 2010; epub ahead of print
Berkhout et al.

Structural Basis for 5' Nucleotide Base-Specific Recognition of Guide RNA by Human Ago2

Nature, May 26, 2010; epub ahead of print
Nagar et al.

Signatures of RNA-Binding Proteins Globally Coupled to Effective microRNA Target Sites

Genome Research, May 27, 2010; epub ahead of print
Krogh et al.

Evidence for Natural Antisense Transcript-Mediated Inhibition of microRNA Function

Genome Biology, May 27, 2010; epub ahead of print
Wahlestedt et al.

TargetSpy: a Supervised Machine Learning Approach for microRNA Target Prediction

BMC Bioinformatics, May 28, 2010; epub ahead of print
Frishman et al.

Enhanced Neuronal RNAi in C. elegans Using SID-1

Nature Methods, May 30, 2010; epub ahead of print
Chalfie et al.

The Scan

Purnell Choppin Dies

Purnell Choppin, a virologist who led the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, has died at 91, according to the Washington Post.

Effectiveness May Decline, Data From Israel Suggests

The New York Times reports that new Israeli data suggests a decline in Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine effectiveness against Delta variant infection, though protection against severe disease remains high.

To See Future Risk

Slate looks into the use of polygenic risk scores in embryo screening.

PLOS Papers on Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus, Bone Marrow Smear Sequencing, More

In PLOS this week: genomic analysis of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius, archived bone marrow sequencing, and more.