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One Patent, Two Patent Applications Published By USPTO Last Week


Title: System and Method for Electroporating a Sample

Number: 6,897,069

Filed: June 8, 2004

Inventor: Richard Jarvis, Ambion

The patent, its abstract states, covers a system and method for "electroporating a sample that utilizes one or more sets of electrodes that are spaced apart in order to hold a surface tension constrained sample between the electrodes. The first electrode is connected to the lower body of the system while the second electrode is connected to the upper body," the abstract states. "Both electrodes are connected to a pulse generator. Each electrode has a sample contact surface such that the first electrode and the second electrode may be positioned to hold a surface tension constrained sample between the two sample contact surfaces and the sample may receive a selected electric pulse."

Title: RNAi-Based Modification of Heterochromatin

Number: 20050112763

Filed: Aug. 20, 2004

Inventor: Shivinder Grewal, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

The patent application, its abstract states, covers "methods of regulating the formation of heterochromatin at a target locus within the genome of a cell and methods of regulating the modification of a histone protein assumed on the DNA of a target locus within the genome of a cell. In particular, the invention provides methods to regulate the structure of the genome of a cell, where the structure is regulated by modulating heterochromatin formation, heterochromatin architecture, histone methylation, and/or DNA methylation, by exposing the cell to an RNAi probe complementary to a target locus so as to activate the RNAi machinery to modify the genomic structure of the target locus and adjacent segments of the genome."

Title: Methods and Compositions for Inhibiting Tumerogenesis

Number: 20050112707

Filed: Aug. 31, 2004

Inventor: Ariel Ruizi Altaba, New York University School of Medicine

"The … invention relates to compounds, small interfering RNAs, and compositions and methods of inhibiting tumorigenesis using agents that inhibit the sonic hedgehog and GLI signaling pathway, including agents that inhibit GLI expression, synthesis and/or function," the patent application's abstract states. "The … invention also relates to particular biomarkers that can be used in the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer. Methods of treating cancer, including glioblastomas, medulloblastomas, basal cell carcinomas, prostate cancer, and small cell and non-small cell lung cancer are also provided using small organic compounds, siRNAs and blocking antibodies that inhibit or block the SHH/GLI pathway."


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