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Linden Bioscience s Expression Snapshot, GenUs BioSystems RNA isolation services, Roche Diagnostics matriXarray, and CombiMatrix s CustomArray


Linden Bioscience said this week that it has introduced its Expression Snapshot mRNA archiving kit.

The system, said Linden, provides archival dsDNA represen- tation of the original RNA sample that may be stored and retranscribed repeatedly over several months, unlike other systems that consume the original RNA sample during amplification.

The company said that the kit is targeted to researchers performing gene expression analysis studies with difficult-to-obtain or expensive RNA samples requiring amplification.

“Researchers can now conduct multiple expression studies — as is often needed — with precious tissue samples,” Beverly Brown, vice president of business development at Linden, said in a statement.

Linden also said that it is planning on launching an Expression Snapshot retranscription kit, which will produce high-fidelity amplification mRNA from the Expression Snapshot archives.

GenUs BioSystems said this week that it has begun offering RNA isolation services to researchers worldwide.

“Our new RNA isolation service will offer researchers an effective alternative to performing this delicate step in the gene expression profiling process in their own lab,” GenUs president Scott Magnuson said in a statement.

The new services will expand upon the company’s existing genetic variation analysis, individual gene expression analysis, and sample preparation services.

Acacia Research said this week that it has been informed by its partner Roche Diagnostics that the launch of Roche’s matriXarray system for the in situ synthesis of DNA oligos will not occur this year as previously anticipated.

The system is being developed through a collaboration between Roche and Acacia subsidiary CombiMatrix.

A new date for the product launch has not been set. Acacia officials were not available for comment.

Acacia also said this week that CombiMatrix will launch the CustomArray, a customizable DNA microarray platform, in the first quarter of 2004.

Acacia said that a certain number of users, however,will be provided with the system in the fourth quarter of this year for beta testing.

CustomArrays will initally be offered with 1,000 sites, followed by 13,000 sites later in 2004.

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