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IP Update: Recent Patents, Patent Applications Awarded to Rosetta, Nitto Denko, Merck, and More


Title: Nucleic Acids Involved in Viral Infection

Patent Number: 8,481,506

Filed: Dec. 5, 2007

Lead Inventor: Isaac Bentwich, Rosetta Genomics

The patent, its abstract states, claims “isolated viral and human nucleic acids associated with viral infection and various nucleic acid molecules relating thereto or derived therefrom. The nucleic acids may be useful for the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of viral infections.”

Title: Ultra-small RNAs as Toll-like Receptor-3 Antagonists

Patent Number: 8,481,508

Filed: Feb. 20, 2009

Inventor: Jayakrishna Ambati, University of Kentucky

The patent, its abstract states, claims “methods and compositions for the treatment or prevention of macular degeneration or other diseases or disorders associated with activation of TLR3. Administration of double-stranded RNAs having a length of 22 nucleotides or less treats or prevents macular degeneration or other diseases or disorders associated with activation of TLR3 due to the ability of the RNAs to bind to, but not activate, TLR3. Furthermore, all double-stranded RNAs of 22 nucleotides or less in length can bind to but not activate TLR3 and thereby treat or prevent such conditions. Also provided is a method for increasing the specificity of a desire siRNA target knockdown, the method comprising administering an amount of a target siRNA sufficient to knockdown a target gene and an amount of a double-stranded RNA of 22 nucleotides or less which prevents the target siRNA from activating TLR3.”

Title: RNA Interference Suppression of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Methods of Use Thereof

Patent Number: 8,481,710

Filed: Dec. 9, 2010

Lead Inventor: Beverly Davidson, University of Iowa

The invention, the patent’s abstract states, comprises “small interfering RNA molecules targeted against nucleic acid sequence that encodes huntingtin or ataxin-1, and methods of using these siRNA molecules.”

Title: Drug Carrier and Drug Carrier Kit for Inhibiting Fibrosis

Application Number: 20130171240

Filed: March 6, 2013

Lead Inventor: Yoshiro Niitsu, Nitto Denko

The invention, the patent application’s abstract states, comprises a “stellate cell-specific drug carrier comprising a stellate cell-specific amount of a retinoid derivative and/or a vitamin A analogue, and a drug carrier component other than the retinoid derivative, and/or a vitamin A analogue. Also disclosed is a medicine comprising the stellate cell-specific drug carrier, and a drug in an amount effective for controlling the activity or growth of stellate cells.”

Title: Single-stranded RNAi Agents Containing an Internal, Non-nucleic Acid Spacer

Application Number: 20130171242

Filed: Aug. 19, 2011

Lead Inventor: Lee Lim, Merck

The patent application, its abstract states, claims “single-stranded RNA molecules comprise one or more internal, non-nucleotide spacers, covalently linked with nucleotide portions of the molecule. … The single-stranded RNA molecules function as guide or antisense strands that are capable of inhibiting gene expression via an RNA interference mechanism, and thus represent single-stranded RNAi agents. The single-stranded RNAi molecules can be used in methods for a variety of therapeutic, diagnostic, target validation, genomic discovery, genetic engineering, and pharmacogenomic applications.”

Title: Methods and Means for Predicting or Diagnosing Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disorders Based on microRNA

Application Number: 20130171649

Filed: June 6, 2011

Lead Inventor: Manuel Mayr, King’s College London

The invention relates to “a method of detecting diabetes and associated complications … [as well as] a method of predicting diabetes,” the patent application’s abstract states. “The … invention also relates to a method of detecting and/or predicting vascular disorders and cardiovascular disorders … [and] to kits for performing the methods of the … invention.”

Title: Compositions and Methods for Silencing SMAD4

Application Number: 20130172405

Filed: Dec. 21, 2012

Lead Inventor: Ammen Dhillon, Protiva Biotherapeutics (Tekmira Pharmaceuticals)

The invention relates to “compositions comprising therapeutic nucleic acids such as interfering RNA that target SMAD4 gene expression, lipid particles comprising one or more of the therapeutic nucleic acids, methods of making the lipid particles, and methods of delivering and/or administering the lipid particles,” the patent application’s abstract states.