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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Quark, HHS, and More


Title: Single-stranded Nucleic Acid Molecule for Controlling Gene Expression

Patent Number: 8,785,121

Filed: July 8, 2011

Lead Inventor: Tadaaki Ohgi, Bonac

Title: Compositions and Methods for Reducing or Protecting against Delayed Graft Function

Patent Number: 8,785,408

Filed: June 26, 2008

Lead Inventor: Elena Feinstein, Quark Pharmaceuticals

Title: Differentially Expressed microRNAs as Biomarkers for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sjogren's Syndrome

Patent Number: 8,785,414

Filed: March 31, 2010

Lead Inventor: Ilias Alevizos, US Department of Health and Human Services

Title: Method of Delivering RNA Interference and Uses Thereof

Patent Number: 8,785,618

Filed: July 23, 2013

Lead Inventor: Judy Lieberman, Children's Medical Center

Title: Method for Generating Resistance against Citrus Diseases Caused by Insects, Fungi, Oomycetes, Bacteria, or Nematodes

Patent Number: 8,785,725

Filed: Nov. 15, 2010

Lead Inventor: Ana Rodriguez Baixauli, Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias