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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to OSU, UMMS, Medtronic


Title: Methods for Diagnosing Prostate Cancer using microRNAs

Patent Number: 8,557,520

Filed: Feb. 28, 2012

Lead Inventor: Carlo Croce, Ohio State University

The invention, the patent's abstract states, "provides novel methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of solid cancers. The invention also provides methods of identifying inhibitors of tumorigenesis."

Title: In Vivo Production of Small Interfering RNAs that Mediate Gene Silencing

Patent Number: 8,557,785

Filed: March 23, 2010

Lead Inventor: Phillip Zamore, University of Massachusetts

The invention, the patent's abstract states, provides "engineered RNA precursors that when expressed in a cell are processed by the cell to produce targeted small interfering RNAs that selectively silence targeted genes using the cell's own RNA interference pathway. By introducing nucleic acid molecules that encode these engineered RNA precursors into cells in vivo with appropriate regulatory sequences, expression of the engineered RNA precursors can be selectively controlled both temporally and spatially."

Title: Methods and Sequences to Suppress Primate Huntington Gene Expression

Patent Number: 8,557,975

Filed: Aug. 31, 2012

Lead Inventor: William Kaemmerer, Medtronic

The invention comprises "sequences, molecules, and methods used to suppress the expression of [Huntington's disease] genes encoding for huntingtin protein in primates including Macaca mulatto and Homo sapiens. These sequences, molecules, and methods aid in the study of the pathogenesis of [Huntington's disease] and can also provide a treatment for this disease."

The Scan

More Boosters for US

Following US Food and Drug Administration authorization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has endorsed booster doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, the Washington Post writes.

From a Pig

A genetically modified pig kidney was transplanted into a human without triggering an immune response, Reuters reports.

For Privacy's Sake

Wired reports that more US states are passing genetic privacy laws.

Science Paper on How Poaching Drove Evolution in African Elephants

In Science this week: poaching has led to the rapid evolution of tuskless African elephants.