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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to FSU, Asuragen


Title: RNAi Therapeutic for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Infection

Patent Number: 8,563,529

Filed: July 26, 2012

Inventor: Hengli Tang, Florida State University

The invention, the patent's abstract states, comprises "small interfering RNAs or small hairpin RNA … that target human cyclophilin A to inhibit hepatitis C infection. Such siRNA and shRNAs may have a length of about 19 to 29 contiguous nucleotides corresponding to a specific region of human cyclophilin A cDNA from about nucleotide 155 to about nucleotide 183. ... Such siRNA and shRNAs may be formulated as naked or pharmaceutical compositions. DNA polynucleotides, plasmids, and viral or non-viral vectors are provided that encode siRNA or shRNA molecules, which may be delivered directly to cells or in combination with delivery agents, such as lipids, polymers, [and] encapsulated lipid particles, such as liposomes. Methods for treating, managing inhibiting, preventing, etc., HCV infection using such siRNA and shRNAs and compositions comprising same are also provided."

Title: Methods and Compositions Involving miRNA and miRNA Inhibitor Molecules

Patent Number: 8,563,708

Filed: Aug. 10, 2007

Lead Inventor: David Brown, Asuragen

The invention concerns "methods and compositions for introducing miRNA activity or function into cells using synthetic nucleic acid molecules," the patent's abstract states. "Moreover, the … invention concerns methods and compositions for identifying miRNAs with specific cellular functions that are relevant to therapeutic, diagnostic, and prognostic applications wherein synthetic miRNAs and/or miRNA inhibitors are used in library screening assays."